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I'm Mohammed Owais

(aka MasterMind)

Application Developer Cyber Security Advisor Solution Expert Reverse Engineer Ethical Hacker Malware Analyst Speaker / Instructor

Windows Web Android

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Let me introduce myself.

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I started my Tech life at 2009, Since then I have been honing my skills, I am Self-taught(mostly), a Security-Aware Developer, Administrator and an Altruist..

Gaining Knowledge is my primary play.
Helping, teaching/instructing defines me.

Why Hire Me?

Simple, I deliver my best performance and make it happen.
A man of Word! All these years I have been improving myself in all fields of Cyber-Tech (From Development to Administration. You name it, I know/will-know it. )


I learn my way out, Why? I believe that
The Easiest way to learn a complex task, is to learn it when you need it the most.

I Never Settle!


  • Fullname: Mohammed Owais
  • Birth Date: November 26
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Website: www.brainbox.ga
  • Email: me@brainbox.ga


  • C#
  • PHP
  • Designing (HTML / CSS)
  • Server Administration
  • Windows Form Application
  • Web Application
  • Android Application

What Can I Do For You?

The best-in-class High Performance and High Secure Applications.


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On the Internet :P

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Mobile: (+91) 866 7320 501